Welcome to Koromiko Grazing Ltd

Established in 2008, Koromiko Grazing Ltd is a successful dairy grazing syndicate of 17 shareholders.  Our goal and core business is to deliver quality, comprehensive outcomes from intensive dairy grazing to our shareholders.  We seek to set the standard and to be the best in the dairy grazing industry.

Koromiko is served by a board of directors that includes recognised leaders in dairy farming.  All directors are also shareholders. Collectively the shareholders bring many years’ practical farming knowledge and experience to the table.  The board are strongly focused on delivering quality returns and outcomes through a business framework based on honesty, integrity, leadership, commitment and passion.  Valuing land and animals is fundamental to Koromiko’s success and underpins our on-going business plan and objectives. 

Since acquiring approximately 3000ha of grazing land (now 2362ha), our management, governance, systems and longer term objectives have all matured.  IT has enjoyed much success, including delivery of our contractual grazing obligations to shareholders/clients. Although we have seen some challenging times like the 2012-2013 drought, we have still performed well against our targets and take pride in the heifers we produce.